Global warming is more than an 'inconvenient truth', it is a fact. In a
world where firefighting resources are stretched thin by this situation,
is something more required? Enter Firebombers Incorporated, a high
tech wildland firefighting company that uses leading-edge technology
to combat wildfires. Share the lives and adventures of these valiant
men and women and get a glimpse into a future where technology is
harnessed to save homes and lives from the scourge of wildfires!

Just who the heck is Michael Archer?

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Firefighter InterviewsFirefighter Interviews Firebombers Incorporated

The Firefighting Force For The 21st Century!
Firebombers Incorporated recounts the adventures
of an elite high-tech wildland firefighting force.
Following the death of his family in a forest fire,
billionaire entrepreneur Joseph Talon brings together
a dedicated and diverse group of engineers, business
leaders, firefighters, and ex-military personnel for
a special project. Through their efforts, the latest
electronics, computers, and space-age materials are
combined with proven firefighting techniques to
produce a firefighting force unlike anything ever
before conceived! This group of raw recruits and
seasoned veterans prove themselves again and again
as they battle wildfires across the western U.S.
one summer. But that fall, they face their ultimate
challenge outside of L.A. - a monster fire that no
one seems able to stop!

reader in anticipation of what is to come!
- The Nashville News

List Price $9.95  BUY IT NOW!
(50% of profits go to firefighter charities)
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Firefighters Save Lives. These Save A Nation!
Adventure, intrigue and romance in Central America!
Facing bankruptcy, the high-tech American wildland
firefighting company Firebombers Incorporated heads
to Central America in hopes of winning a long-term
firefighting contract. Instead, they become embroiled in
an uprising engineered by ruthless druglords against the
democratically-elected government. A group of the
firefighters and a small contingent of U.S. artillerymen
(that's a long story) are besieged at a remote telephone
relay station. What are the chances that they can hold
off a druglord army of over 5,000 for two days?

An Air Force AC-130U gunship flying over the middle
of the Gulf of Mexico is running out of fuel. Too far from
land in any direction to safely touch down, unable to
refuel in the air due to battle damage, what can the
firefighter transport pilots manning the controls (that's
another long story) do to get the crew home safely?

And who exactly is the mysterious new commander of
the 701st Firejumper Company, John Standing Bear?

Michael Archer's fast-moving thriller FIRESTORM
is dedicated to those who have served in the U.S.
armed forces. The story was great!
- Marc Leepson, Editor of The VVA Veteran
(Vietnam Veterans of America)

List Price $9.95  BUY IT NOW!
(50% of profits go to firefighter charities)

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According to a recent article in the Washington Post, many processing out of the military face a major dilemma: What to do now that they're hanging up the uniform for the last time? The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) helps steer soldiers, sailors, and marines to new careers where they can be happy and productive, but there are still many bumps along the way when transitioning from being a specialist in the arcane arts of war back into civilian life.

One civilian group, however, prizes these warriors very highly - emergency services. "I was originally looking at law enforcement, especially the LAPD and Sheriff's SWAT Teams", said Battalion Chief Bob Doyle of Glendale Fire Department. "I saw a fire on TV where firefighters were going into a building window while thick black smoke poured out and thought 'that looks like fun'". Chief Doyle, a Marine Recon veteran, was enamored of the teamwork and physical skills it took to do the job. "I like the job of leading these brave men and women in executing the mission".

To read the remainder of this article at,CLICK HERE


DC-10 Image

To see a video from the Discovery Channel on the DC-10 supertanker (including some footage of the actual drop shot for Wildfire Research Network by Michael Archer) CLICK HERE, then at the Discovery Channel site click on the word video --> at the end of the "Gallons of Help" segment to roll the film!


Los Angeles County FD Fireship

And to see what it's like to take a trip on an LA County Air Ops firefighting helicopter CLICK HERE


Martin Mars Photo

Take a tour of the fabulous Martin Mars flying boat, inside and out as it fights fires in Southern California!
And you can read an article in about the history of this venerable warbird by CLICKING HERE

Video of Martin Mars Arrival at Lake Elsinore (Part 1)

Video of Martin Mars Arrival at Lake Elsinore (Part 2)

Video of Martin Mars Exterior View

Video of Martin Mars Interior View (Part 1)

Video of Martin Mars Interior View (Part 2)

Video of Martin Mars Water Drop

Video of Martin Mars Takeoff

Video of Martin Mars Landing

Martin Mars Exterior Photos

Martin Mars Interior Photos (Engineering Spaces)

Martin Mars Interior Photos (Flight Deck)

Martin Mars Interior Photos


Aero Union Photo

Join us on a tour of air-tanker giant Aero Union, conducted by CEO Britt Gourley by CLICKING HERE


Tour of MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar

This is an interesting set of videos of a Marine MV-22 Osprey Simulator taken at the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing's MCAS Miramar training facility in San Diego, California

USMC MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar (Part 1)

USMC MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar (Part 2)

USMC MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar (Part 3)

USMC MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar (Part 4)

USMC MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar (Part 5)

USMC MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar (Part 6)

USMC MV-22 Osprey Simulator at MCAS Miramar (Part 7)

National Volunteer Fire Council National Junior Firefighter program provides resources to help prepare young people for a rewarding career in emergency services

Visit the National Volunteer Fire Council's new National Junior Firefighter Program website and find out how they can help prepare young people for a rewarding career in emergency services by CLICKING HERE.

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