Michael Archer is a wildfire consultant who holds degrees in Agriculture, Electronics, and Engineering Technology. A native Californian, he has worked in the defense industry as well as the commercial and law enforcement technology sectors as technician, engineer, and computer programmer.

In early 1993 he added writing to his resume with the completion of the first draft of "Firebombers Incorporated". The 'Firebombers Incorporated' series of novels gives readers an intriguing 'what-if' scenario on how 21st century technology could modernize the wildland firefighting force. "Firebombers Incorporated" was first published in 2001 and received good reviews from Wildland Firefighter Magazine, The Nashville News, and others. The sequel, "Firestorm", was published in 2005 and received excellent reviews from Writers Digest, The Nashville News, and firefighting professionals across the U.S.

He has written articles for 'Wildland Firefighter Magazine', 'Home and Fire Magazine', 'Defense Tech', and other publications, while also writing a column for Military.com that provides information to military personnel about the benefits of a career in emergency services. He has lectured to public service groups, firefighters, and at schools. He has been interviewed by the Associated Press, quoted in USA Today and has also appeared on KABC-TV and cable-TV discussing wildfire issues. He has addressed wildfire issues as part of a delegation testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives Domestic Policy Subcommittee and has testified to members of the California State Senate Committee On Natural Resources and Water.

Mike is technical consultant and webmaster for Wildfire Research Network, a Los Angeles-based citizens' action group that promotes firefighting issues involving the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI). He is also webmaster and technical consultant to the San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum, a professional forum composed of both active-duty and retired fire chiefs, fire experts, and concerned citizens. He currently serves on committees investigating aerial assets, technology, and public relations for SDRFSF.

From the founding of his publishing company, Firebomber Publications, Mike's intention was to donate 50% of the net profits from sales of Firebombers Incorporated books and merchandise to organizations that support the families of injured and fallen firefighters. To date, donations have been made to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation, Wildland Firefighter Foundation, Associated Air Tanker Pilots, burn clinics, firefighter associations, and, in some cases, directly to the families of firefighters.

He recently founded The Water Cache Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which will place helicopter dip tanks in the drought-stricken forests of the Great Basin, starting with a pilot project in the Angeles National Forest outside LA. The hope is that this project will provide three important services: water to sustain wildlife during what is projected to be at least a 20-year drought; increased safety for families and their pets living on the edge of wilderness areas due to fewer deadly encounters with wildlife making forays into their communities in search of water (while reducing the number of incidents where wild animals are killed by public safety officers in communities); and water for firefighters and fire apparatus on the ground, as well as firefighting helicopters in the air during wildfires.

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